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Chris+Aliya #RelationshipGoals

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Preface: No one and nothing is perfect. But we must have ideals to strive for. These are ours. This is a living document and, as such, will continue to evolve over time.

We aspire to exhibit the following character traits…

  1. Act with love and not with fear

  2. Express ourselves with clear and effective communication

  3. Hold truth, loyalty and respect as among the highest ideals

  4. Exhibit passion and curiosity

  5. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive

  6. Have a vision for a better world

  7. Have a sense of personal responsibility and accountability

  8. Deliver outcomes driven by consistent and effective action over time

  9. Enjoy moderation in all things, including moderation

  10. To continuously evolve and adapt based on new ideas, experiences and data

We hope to have a relationship that...

  1. Is loving and unashamedly affectionate

  2. Helps us to find, express and experience our best selves

  3. Debates with the goal of finding a new, better truth (vs. arguing to ‘win’)

  4. Encourages us to find and pursue our curiosities and passions

  5. Supports each other through the ups and downs of life

  6. Works together to make the lives of our children, families, friends and neighbors better

  7. Holds each other accountable for our responsibilities and promises

  8. Makes a positive and lasting impact in our community

  9. Balances all things - fun and work, private and social, duty and the pursuit of happiness

  10. Challenges us to grow and evolve

And together, we intend to build…

  1. A sense of home wherever we are in the world

  2. A house that embodies our spirit and generosity in a physical space

  3. An extended actual and found family filled with joy, loyalty and laughter

  4. Children who embrace and participate in all of the above 

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