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An Interesting Conversation

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블๑bourboN* says:
블๑bourboN* says:
u need publicity
블๑bourboN* says:
like just curious, what is ur aim with touchstone ?

There is something very scary about being asked this question, so in the interest of being clear, I thought I would mention it here.

I want it to be popular. I want it to be a synonymous with RSS. When people think Instant Messaging, they think MSN/ICQ/Yahoo - when people think alerts management system, I want them to think TouchStone. I want it to facilitate attention management and augment many of the awesome and popular news readers.

I want TouchStone to be one of those apps you simply have to install before your nice new 'puter, or recently reformatted machine, feels right - the type of app that makes people wonder how they ever worked without it!

It’s funny though, because the more I look for TouchStonesque RSS gadgets on the 'net, the more I find things like this!