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Names are important!

Added on by Ash.
Well.. first let me re-iterate, that i still stand by my initial feelings that our names for the three distinct areas of the Touchstone Core are appropriately and awesomely named, but I have to say...damn!

"Namespace TouchStone.Core
Public Class BagItAndTagItPaser"

It is getting very annoying to type "BagItAndTagItPaser" every time Ii need to create an instance of the class...bah!

On the other hand I have perfected the rounded form code. It's pretty cool how VS.Net 2003 allows you to bind a form's boundary to a defined region, but i have to admit that its not really easy to use. I found a cool little site with a bunch of useful apps - in particular, one that allows you to get the coordinates of a mouse drawn window. I had to tweak the output, but it's great for anyone interested with the idea of non-standard window.

This brings me to the reason for my post tonight, the first OFFICIAL screenshot of the TouchStone Core GUI. I admit that it needs some tweaking, but overall, I think Chris' plans for a simple, clean and elegant GUI are a complete success.

I think the man has to go actually. I think it needs to be replaced with the TouchStone "balls". I estimate that the "BagItAndTagIt" Passer should be complete by Monday night. Here's hoping I guess.