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Time for a moment of honesty

Added on by Ash.
Chris doesn't much like it when I get all DNM because I tend to force brute honesty from every orifice of my body, but release 3 of the private alpha, is ... well, highly experimental.

Yes, the transit system is flash and fast, but the BagItAndTagItParser seems think that a dropped item due to cache is a failed 'item injection' - Bah! I am getting the bugs out slowly, but we are making significant progress. Momentum is growing and (so far) it's having a positive effect on the project.

Michael has sort of become our unofficial C# and XML consultant; building a few little classes to extend our libraries. He is also extremely adept at spotting the objects I have created, but not initialised, catching those god forsaken object exceptions .NET keeps throwing in my face.

Private Alpha Release 3 (and the impending Limited Alpha) is getting there slowly!