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Its Been a While Since I Blogged.

Added on by Ash.

This is partly because Chris has had Mike and I are chained to our computers like leather bound gimps, and partly because the times that I AM allowed to “go outside” I’ve been watching Battlestar Galactica season 2 (OMG by the way!).

But’s been worth it.

It's currently 8:50pm and we are making the necessary preparations for a huge development session, involving the last puzzle piece making TouchStone a true attention management platform.

Mike has already worked on the dynamic “plug-in” manager loading external assemblies and having that external assembly “pushing” a message to the manager - the very crust of what TouchStone is all about. I have been completly overhawling the inner-mechanics and migrating the project to .NET 2.0 (OMG by the way!).

Now the core feels stronger, more solid.

Oh, buggar, Chris has got the BIG stick out. Gotta go. More Later...