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Paying Attention to Code is Important

Added on by Michael.
In case you are all wondering who this stranger is posting here, I'm Mike. I tend to fix things when Ash has no idea. Well OK, he has some idea, but I think that Chris has to give Ash some more food and water - and maybe more light.

Why do I say this? Well tonight I caught up with Ash and my specific instructions were to fix something that has been alluding him all day.

I've been out of the loop for a while so all these changes have occured around me. When I went through some code to catch up, it seems as though someone *cough* Ash *cough* can't tell his Minimums from his Maximums. It was a very silly and very small mistake that was causing lots of headaches!

If Ash showed this piece of code to Chris, chances are he would have skipped over it too, so it's not entirely Ash's fault.

It's not difficult being this good. Not when I work with these two. :)