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Tangler on Techcrunch

Added on by Chris Saad.
Our forum system for Particls is powered by If you log on to provide us feedback you will find a real-time chat/forum hybrid full of AJAX goodness.

Tangler is starting to venture out of the shadows and has recently been reviewed on Techcrunch.

The ability to span Synchronous and Asynchronous conversation puts Tangler in a category all on its own. Jump in at any time, or discuss in real-time. Join the conversation late? No worries, read back through the archived history.

The real power of Tangler becomes clear, however, when you look at the distributed nature of the system. One conversation, many 'windows'. You can particupate from the Tangler UI, in an embedded chat room on another site or on a widget somewhere.

Check out our Tangler group to get started.