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OT - Re-starting my personal blog

Added on by Chris Saad.
I've decided to try to resurrect my personal blog - so if you'd like to follow along check it out over here.

Here's an excerpt:
Are you looking for money?

My answer has changed dramatically over the life of Faraday. It has gone from "Looking for money? What you mean on the street?" to "Are you kidding, we would love any money - how about $10, do you have $10?" and then to "Sure we are raising a round, we have [insert great elevator pitch here]". It then shifted to "Really? Is that all you got?" and so on.

Since some of the most recent developments in the product/business strategy and the great adoption rate of APML has become clear the question "Are you looking for money" has been raised a few more times.

Most recently though, my answer has changed again. My answer now is "No, but we are looking for partners".