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Nominate Faraday Media for the Crunchies

Added on by Chris Saad.
If you like Particls, Engagd, APML, DataPortability, The Media 2.0 Workgroup or handsome men from Australia please vote for the company that created them all!

Please nominate "Faraday Media" for the Crunchies under the following categories:

  • Best technology innovation / achievement
    Recognition for best new technology achievement or breakthrough

  • Best bootstrapped start-up
    For a company that has raised less than $100.000 from individuals, angels or others

  • Best international start-up
    To recognize start-up achievement outside the United States (company must be founded, headquartered and operated primarily outside the US)

  • Most likely to make the world a better place
    To recognize a site that is making an important social impact in the world. Site does not need to be a non-profit to qualify.
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