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New Feature: Auto-Update Levels

Added on by Chris Saad.
The latest version of Particls has lots of nifty enhancements and improvements however I wanted to bring your attention to one in particular.

There is a setting in the 'Skins and Settings' property sheet called 'AutoupdateType'

From now on, we will be pushing 'Experimental Builds' first, then Minor Builds second, then Major Builds third.

This means if you consider yourself a hardcore tester and true Particls fan, you can get more updates, earlier, by using the 'Experimental Builds' setting. This exposes you to more risks (as far as using Beta software goes), but it also means that you can get in early and have your say on bugs and features

It also means that if you are a user who prefers to keep a stable, smooth operation, you will see less updates and less hickups in your Particls experience!

Thanks to the usual hard work of the Dev team especially Ash and Paul for this one.

You would have learned about this first on Tangler and Twitter.