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Follow up - Instructions for running Particls on Mac

Added on by Chris Saad.
We have had a lot of interest in a recent post showing David Cancel from running Particls on his mac.

Well Nik, our Business Development manager here at Faraday also has a Mac and he wrote some step by step instructions for getting it all up and running. There are really not that many steps so don't blink!

1. Install Parallels on your Mac.
From their site Parallels is described like this:
Parallels Workstation is a powerful, easy to use, cost effective desktop virtualization solution that empowers PC users with the ability to create completely networked, fully portable, entirely independent virtual machines on a single physical machine.

2. Install Particls on the Windows installation running inside Parallels
This should be a simple matter of downloading the app from the URL provided in your invite, running the setup and stepping through the wizard. Again this should all be done inside the virtual Windows installation

3. Hide the chrome
To have Particls appear to be running on the Mac OS Desktop without the Windows desktop in the background, you will need to select the Auto-Hide the task bar so that the Windows task bar is hidden.

Then Within the Parallels software you need to select the button "Coherence" which is below the Full Screen option to remove the windows desktop background.


Got to love Mac

Thanks Nik!