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Rocking out with McKenna

Added on by Chris Saad.

Hey all - wanted to share an interesting experience that I had recently. As you know blogging is a fairly new phenomena in the world today and Blogging in Australia is not really taken too seriously by too many people. But it seems that this trend is starting to change.

Even local companies and PR firms are starting to focus on local bloggers as a way of getting the word out there for their brand, product and service.

As a result, I was recently invited to a re-launch party for a brand of Bourbon called McKenna. Turns out XXXX bought them recently and they are spending a lot of cash promoting it locally for the next few months.

Nick and I ended up going to the party and it was very impressive. Live graffiti art, body painting, ice sculpting, very pretty girls handing out free McKenna and live DJs (including Paul Mac).

Nick ended up knowing quite a few of the party goers so we ended up having some interesting chats with media personalities and the organizers of the event itself.

Great time was had by all and you know the most interesting part? The Bourbon is actually quite good. Actually it is very good. I started drinking it in pre-mix bottles with Coke (or some type of Cola anyway) and ended up having it straight and in both cases it was very successful in getting me drunk while having a great taste - exactly what you want from a bourbon.

You can see some photos here. Thanks to Paul from Zealot who invited me and the McKenna people for hosting the event and tapping some bloggers to attend.

They also have a site at