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Are you home sick?

Added on by Chris Saad.

In less than a week, I will be on a plane flying back to Australia for at least a month. It will be the end of my 6 month long US Trip. 6 Months away from 'home'. The first thing people ask me when they hear that is "are you home sick". The honest answer is I'm not really. I like the challenges and opportunities that come with being here in the Valley and traveling around the world meeting people to share ideas with.

There are things I miss though. I miss having a 'home'. I've been couch surfing and traveling so much that even a few days in one spot is a welcome respite. But in reality I have not really had a 'home' for 6 months.

I have missed spending time with my younger brother. He's at a time in his life where he has really needed me around and it has been hard to know that I can't be there like he needs.

I miss knowing exactly where I am. I can drive around my home town blind folded. That being said, though, I am finding myself getting very comfortable with the bay area. The little Pontiac Solstice that my good friend Bill lent me has been very fun to drive around.

Those are the sort of things I miss.

Hopefully my few month stint back 'home' will allow me to 'recover' and I will then head back here with a full work visa, a place to live and the next chapter of my life.

In the mean time. I am having a little dinner tonight with some close friends and I have a stack of meetings left to do. Then a 14 hour flight. I will need a sleeping tablet!