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How To Evaluate And Compensate For Your Weaknesses

Added on by Chris Saad.

When evaluating and compensating for your weaknesses, I suggest taking a multi-faceted approach:

  • Be sober and honest about your weaknesses - but also be fair/kind to yourself too. Don’t, however, allow yourself to be crippled by neurosis (i.e obsessing)

  • While you may never turn them into strengths, lean into improving your weaknesses - at the very least you will understand them better and minimize blind spots

  • Don’t minimize the importance of things you can’t do just because you can’t do them. Recognise their value and...

  • Don’t obsess about turning them into strengths. Focus more on your natural/unique ability and hire/surround yourself with people you trust who make up for your weaknesses. Be explicit with them about their role in your life/business and ask them to help you handle that aspect of things.

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