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What does MVP Really Mean?

Added on by Chris Saad.

An interesting phenomena I’ve noticed when advising startups is the shallow understanding of what MVP means. Almost everybody uses the term now, but few understand how to successfully operationalize it.

  • It’s often difficult to determine exactly what the MVP is. It’s partly science and it’s partly art. The answer often requires a mix of experience and taste.

  • Often, after building the MVP, they continue to build more and more product without going deep on user acquisition and feedback.

  • Sometimes they build multiple MVPs of multiple major product areas leaving much of the product surface area in a largely broken state.

Remember, the purpose of an MVP is to get it into customer’s hands and learn and grow with your shared understanding. You need to continue to iterate and polish it until you can see your own face in the reflection.

Remember it’s “ship and iterate”, not “Build, build, build”. Shipping doesn’t mean just putting it on production. It also means putting it into customer’s hands at as much scale as possible.

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