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Be careful about your team’s definition of “Done”

Added on by Chris Saad.

It’s a common mistake to get 80% done and never fully deliver value to the market. 

“Done” means tested, stable, shipped into production, listed on the website, documented, promoted on the blog, shared via mailing lists etc

[Side note: The only thing better than “Done” is “Successful”. The only definition of success that matters is: adopted by a large and growing number of active customers. Media, pilots, academic studies, government grants etc don’t count]

This doesn’t just apply to software. This also applies to partnerships, operations etc etc.

To achieve this you need to align expectations across teams and partners about the definition of “done” and make sure you finish the things you start before chasing the next shiny object. Said another way - FOCUS.

To do otherwise is one of the biggest possible mistakes in business - spending resources and not achieving any return on that investment.