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Product is all about good choices

Added on by Chris Saad.

What Is the the actual problem? This should be very specific and hopefully involve specific pain that can be quantified in dollars and cents of waste and inefficiency.

Who is your user and who is your partner? I’m seeing a lot of startups conflate these two things lately.

What is the exacted behavior (particularly for mvp)? Ive always seem companies trying to boil the ocean here. I’ve been guilty of it myself many times.

What is the point of differentiation? What is the marketing message? Be specific. Better, cheaper, faster. Pick 2. It typically can’t be all three.

At the beginning, you can’t be everything to everyone or no one will get it or care.

I’m a big tv and movie nerd so I watch a lot of behind the scenes content about them. Movies and directors also talk a lot about choices. A good movie is usually the result of a series of very good, and very consistent choices.

Just like product. They’re both art.