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Your product experience should be obvious and easy to use

Added on by Chris Saad.

A good product shouldn't require a training manual or even that much text to be initially useful to a user.

The trick is to have clean and clear UI/UX metaphors that seem obvious, great "clean slate" experiences that nudge the user to do key things when they first log in and in-line tips for what to do next (just 1 or 2 sentences at most). In this way, users learn how to use the software organically.

Tips, tricks, help and knowledge base should only be available for some advanced functions or to handle edge cases.

What are some of the best examples of this you've seen in the wild?

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What Does Being A Product Manager Mean?

Added on by Chris Saad.

Upon asking a colleague what being a product manager meant to him, he gave me one of the best answers I've heard.

P. R. D

Product managers will recognize that this acronym refers to an oft used tool of Product Management known as a Product Requirements Doc. It's the way that a PM shares the details/spec of the product that needs to be built with all key stakeholders (especially engineers).

In this context, though, he came up with:

  • Priorities

  • Requirements

  • Design

I love this. An elegant way of repurposing the acronym to neatly summarize what PMs should be focused on.

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Product Management Isn’t That Hard.

Added on by Chris Saad.

It just requires a little bit of... 

  1. Empathy

  2. Common sense

Oh and a little bit of...

  1. Taste

  2. Design skills

  3. Technical understanding 

  4. Project management

  5. Leadership and consensus building

  6. Diplomacy

  7. Pattern matching

  8. Data analysis

  9. Vision

  10. Pragmatism

  11. Attention to detail

  12. Long term discipline

  13. Experience

  14. Passion

  15. Curiosity/truth-seeking

But that’s about it...

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Product Design In 3 Phases

Added on by Chris Saad.

When working on product design:

  • First you want to get the "architecture" right (E.g. what are the core areas/screens/patterns)

  • Second, the UI metaphors (e.g. Are lists, feeds, carousels etc the right thing to do in each situation)

  • And finally, the fine grained details (is it 'your stuff' or 'my stuff', is it 'overview' or 'summary', is it 'done' or 'complete' etc).

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Platforms: Show Me The Money!

Added on by Chris Saad.

Show me the money!

Devs (especially top 50 apps from FB to Eventbrite) care about new users, re-engagement and money.

Unless your platform is solving fundamental technical challenge like SMS, Voice/Video etc (i.e. you're offering "nice to have" features) you need to demonstrate - in as concrete terms as possible - how you are going to drive new users, more sessions or more money for the developer.

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