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As A Product Manager, You’re Running A Factory Assembly Line

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All the data, opinions and ideas are the raw material piled up at the start of the process. Ultimately it’s up to you what gets packaged up and sent down the line for assembly (in the form of a PRD).

If debates are going on too long it’s your job to drive a decision, codify it into a PRD and send it down the line to design or engineering.

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Product Prioritization Through Clear Vision

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“Given that we have limited resources, what would you say is more important, that it looks good or it's technically accurate?"

As the product manager, your job is ultimately to make it both. The trick is to break the problem down into discrete product "moves" such that each move is both beautiful and functional.

The process is not to figure out what resources you have and then work backwards to something you can ship. Your job is to figure out what you believe the user needs and figure out how to marshal your resources to get you there.

Usually, that requires you to create a shared purpose and mission for your team, a reasonable roadmap of discrete releases/moves and the discipline and focus to keep everyone's eye on the prize.

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As A Young Startup, Should You Listen To Existing Customers Or Pivot?

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It depends.

  • If you feel like you have great product-market fit, and there's a large market of like-minded customers you can dominate: Listen to existing customers and continue to incrementally improve your product.

  • If you feel like you have great and growing product-market fit, but there isn't a big, profitable market left to conquer (or you've found yourself in a product/market you're not passionate about anymore): Sell to someone who wants to tap that market.

  • If you feel like you don't have great product-market fit and can't see a path towards finding it: Pivot, hard. Ignore existing customers and focus all your resources on the new direction.

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Platforms: Show Me The Money!

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Show me the money!

Devs (especially top 50 apps from FB to Eventbrite) care about new users, re-engagement and money.

Unless your platform is solving fundamental technical challenge like SMS, Voice/Video etc (i.e. you're offering "nice to have" features) you need to demonstrate - in as concrete terms as possible - how you are going to drive new users, more sessions or more money for the developer.

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